Silver State

Silver State Pony Club Members


Charlotte's Bio:

Charlotte Babbitt is a C2 in Pony Club hoping to rate to the C3/HB level soon and eventually get her A rating.

She is a successful upper level young rider rider. She has a successful preliminary record and is currently bringing along a very exciting 5 year old warmblood through the levels of eventing.

In 2016 she was Reserve Champion Pony Club rider in Area VI Eventing and Reserve Champion Junior Training rider in Area VI Eventing and in the United States Eventing Association.

Charlotte is working hard in Petaluma, CA to reach her goals of representing the United States at the highest levels of eventing."


Katie's Bio:

I have been a member of SSPC since 2013 and I am currently a D-2 in riding and a D-3 in horse management.

We are going to try for our D-3 in Dressage, Hunt Seat and Eventing soon.

I love Quiz, jumping and dressage.

I have a 16 year old Pony Of the America’s named Valentine.

The most fun thing about pony club is that I have met so many friends from all over the country who also share my love of horses.


Hailey's  Bio:

I have been a member of SSPC since 2013 and I am currently a D-1.

I have a 14 year old Welsh pony named Macaroni.

I love to do quiz and ride my pony bareback.

The most fun thing about pony club is going to Rallies where we get to see all of our friends in Pony Club from other clubs.


Giulia's Bio:

Giulia joined Silver State Pony Club in 2013.  She is a  D-3 in Hunt Seat Equitation, a D-3 in Horse Management and a D-2 Traditional.  

She hopes to someday achieve her A rating and become a veterinarian.  Giulia's pony, Patrick, is a 12 year old POA.  In 2015, Giulia attended Championships West in Quiz and she has qualified in Quiz in Kentucky for 2017.  She enjoys jumping and Quiz.  

She also attends hunter/jumper shows.   In the summers, her and Patrick can be found trail riding in Lake Tahoe.  Attending Pony Club camp is one of her favorite Pony Club activities.  She loves being with her friends and jumping jumps on foot when they aren't going over jumps on their horses!   


Ashley’s Bio:

Ashley has been a member since 2011.  She is currently a D2 in Traditional and Hunt Seat Eq.  She is hoping to rate D3 Horse Management in the Fall. 

She has a 10 year old Welsh/Arabian Mare named Ellie.    She won  reserve Champion at the Show Jumping Rally in October of 2016.

She loves show jumping, quiz and hanging out with her friends.  


Kaitlyn's Bio:



Alex's Bio:

Alex has been a member of the Silver State Pony Club since 2013.  She is currently a D3 in horse management, D2 in Hunt Seat Equitation and D2 Traditional and plans to rate up to the D3 level this year.  She rides a painted horse named Daisy.  She one day hopes to achieve her A level rating and become an equine veterinarian.

 Alex enjoys going riding her pony and hanging out with her Pony Club friends at rallies and meeting new friends from other clubs.